Sonic Cycles

Sonic Cycles is a jazz piano trio and an improvising string quartet that met and formed in Trondheim 2019. The music hovers somewhere between modern jazz and Impressionist music. With aesthetics and rhythm gathered from a wide range of styles and music opening up for experimentation, interpretation and improvisation, the band wants to invite audiences into their own musical universe.  The music is filled with buzzing jazz violin solos, catchy rhythms, and gripping melodies that can give associations to intricate jazz music as well as chamber music. During the autumn 2019 Sonic Cycles played their first concert at Konsert Galleriet Ni Muser in Trondheim and went to Øra Studio recording their first album. They are now looking forward to the new adventures of the coming year, including the release of their debut album and associated concerts. 

Sonic Cycles: Because (Pre-Mix Preview)
  • Audun Rørmark: Violin
  • Tuva Halse: Violin
  • Ellie Mäkelä: Viola
  • Hannah Kristina Lund: Cello
  • Leon Røsten: Piano/Composition
  • Oda Steinkopf: Double Bass
  • Frederik Villmow: Drums

Photos by Kristoffer H. Skogheim

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