Other Projects

Mari Eriksen/Leon Røsten

A collaboration between the visual artist Mari Eriksen and composer Leon Røsten. ‘fragments of a turbulent landscape’ “A conversation between sonic and visual elements in a space which invites the viewer to reflect upon the complex time we are living in. With an imaginative and intuitive approach to development of sound, low-fi materials from our everyday surroundings, and the space itself – we hope to convey a sense of trauma, despair, courage and hope. The unpleasant and the beautiful.”

Leon Røsten (Ableton/Guitar)

A solo project developed in Berlin 2018, working with Ableton, field recordings, guitar, piano and voice. Coming from a musical background with improvisational roots, Røsten now aims to create compositions with an intuitive manner and to really appreciate the nature of live music by staying in the moment. At the moment he’s working on a release with seven other sound artist’s in connection with the Sleeping Concert at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik.



Jera is a Norwegian jazz quartet that emerged from the music scene in Trondheim in 2017. The members already knew each other well from other projects and wanted to start the band simply because of their shared love of cosy instrumental music with influences from everything between jazz and pop. Jera’s music is developed together through shaping simple ideas songs. They use tools like improvisation and interaction and have a focus on groove, dynamics and unusual textures.

The result is a kind of music that can give listeners associations to forrest’s, cabin’s, hygge, and darkness. Jera recorded their first release December 2017 and had a successful debut concert in Trondheim April 2018. Jera’s debut EP was shortly after and has received a lot of good feedback.



Vejslev/Røsten is a experimental jazz duo formed by Leon and Kristoffer when they first met at the conservatoire in Amsterdam in the beginning of 2018 .

Mimika Orchestra 

Mimika is an alternative jazz, world & progressive art music orchestra from London, formed of 20 of London’s most sought after musicians, performing original music by composer Mak Murtic.

Mimika Orchestra was founded in London in 2010 by the Croatian composer and saxophonist Mak Murtic. It has been dubbed as one of London’s most creative, trans-idiomatic orchestras, taking audiences on an adventurous journey to where jazz collides with other musical genres and art forms, telling anthropological, cultural and mythological stories of the future and the past.

Mimika played at the London Jazz Festival 2012/14/15, Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2014 (Winners of the Jazz FM Discovery Competition), Latitude Festival, Olympic & Paralympic Festivals, and renowned London venues such as The Vortex Jazz Club, RichMix, Regularly at the Bussey Building, The Forge, Union Chapel, Courtyard Theatre, and is hosting a monthly residency at the Spice of Life in Soho. The Orchestra has been featured on BBC Radio, Jazz FM, major European Radio Stations via the European Broadcasting Union and HR3 – Croatian national radio dedicated to culture, jazz & classical music.


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