With both a poignant and calm presence, Røsten takes you into his melancholic and distinctive universe. Well rooted in the 70’s British songwriting tradition, but with clear impulses from modern jazz as well as classical impressionism, he creates songs consisting of playful melodies, dreamy harmonies and subtle lyrics. Røsten is the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Leon Røsten, who has otherwise made a name for himself, mainly as a jazz pianist, graduated from in Jazzlinja in Trondheim and LCCM in London. Røsten debuted in 2021 with “I You He She It We You They”, a self-produced album that brought out his love for both jazz music and classical music tradition. The upcoming album “I Could Even Try To Change Your Mind” is taken in a more orchestrated direction, with an extended soundscape complimented by Tuva Halse and Håkon Brunborg on strings and Erland Dahlen on percussion.


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