Leon Røsten Odyssey

Leon Røsten Odyssey emerged in London in 2015 and has since then released three albums and played in festivals and clubs across Europe. The band invites you on a journey with engaging melodies, sonic vibrations and groovy madness. The music is made through a shared love for creating musical atmospheres packed with sounds and emotions inspired by anything ranging from jazz, classical and contemporary music. Leon Røsten Odyssey is collectively developing ideas with an emphasis on interaction and improvisation, wishing to convey music that will give cinematic associations to the audience. Aiming for an original expression with the potential of being enjoyed by all music lovers out there. 

Røsten met the current members in Trondheim 2018 and has since then been working on a new album that will be released in 2020. 

Skummel Sang 2 Recorded Live @ Dokkhuset, Trondheim December 2019
  • Ask Morris Rasmussen: Sax
  • Oscar Andreas Haug: Trumpet
  • Leon Røsten: Piano/Composition
  • Alf Høines: Double Bass
  • Wilhelm Westermann: Drums

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