“A Day In A Life” – Out now.

I’m so happy to announce that “A Day in a Life” is out and available in online stores such as Spotify and iTunes as well as the physical CD which you can purchase by sending me an email. leonrosten@gmail.com. This album was recorded in April 2017 in Family Day Studios with the producer Bendik Toming http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-241986246/b_toming/photosContinue reading ““A Day In A Life” – Out now.”

New album “Mandala” out on Spotify and iTunes.

I’m happy to announce that my second album “Mandala” now is available in various online stores. After a hours of composing and rehearsing, a recording session in December and a couple of mixing/mastering sessions it’s finally finished. Please listen, let me know what you think and share. We are playing concerts at Westow House in London,Continue reading “New album “Mandala” out on Spotify and iTunes.”

Leon Røsten Odyssey – Interpretations

“Interpretations” was recorded in August 2015 after spending a year writing and rehearsing with my trio whilst finishing my bachelors degree at London Centre of Contemporary music. This album is a jazz piano trio album filled with compositions created with inspiration from many great jazz piano players as well as the impressionistic era in classical music.Continue reading “Leon Røsten Odyssey – Interpretations”