I’ve just finished my first year of my master’s degree at Jazzlinja NTNU, it’s been an amazing journey and I must say it’s gone by so fast. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to travel and meet some great and truly inspiring musicians and teachers in Trondheim, Amsterdam and Berlin. I’m currently preparing and looking forward to my final exam concert in Dokkhuset this spring. I am also in this context planning the recording and release of a new album. There’s a lot of hours going into composition and rehearsing and I can’t wait to show you all the final result. 


Photo: Tom Ringsby


Family Day Recordings

We recently went to Family Day Recordings to do a recording session Leon Røsten Odyssey, with Rich Muscat on sax, Leo Geller on bass and Ollie Futcher on drums. We had a very nice experience there with some great food, a lot of laugher, late nights, walks around the island and let’s not forget all the great playing. Producer and studio owner Bendik Toming has just sent me the masters and I’m must say I’m very satisfied so I’m currently doing the final touches and trying to plan some gigs in Norway and the UK as a part of our EP launch.
Here’s a teaser and a three part jazzmentary for our upcoming EP, some clips from our session and a link to a track that will be released soon, enjoy!

Jazzmentary 1
Jazzmentary 2
Jazzmentary 3


Phase Theory Collective Podcast

I just had a lovely interview/podcast with my dear friend and colleague Chris Barrat from The Phaze Theory Collective, we’ve collaborated in projects like Mimika and Phase Theory, but this time he’s interviewing me regarding my thoughts on Leon Røsten Odyssey’s new release «Mandala». We’re talking about my music, listening to the album and discuss the mysteries of music and life. Please have a listen, if you still haven’t heard the new album than this is a good excuse.
Have a listen and check out the other great podcast’s PTC has done.

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